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Startup SEO

Business in the startup stage and cannot afford high-end companies to do the SEO for you! Please connect, I will help you with my abilities.

Increase Traffic

Increasing quality website traffic indirectly helps the company with more customer and investors. Let’s bring visitors from Google searching for your product.

Business SEO

Competitor growing faster than your business through Google traffic. Contact me, I will help you in finding why they rank and How you can rank them.

Increase Conversion

A lot of traffic and less conversion means poor quality traffic. Let’s it together and find out ways to increase quality traffic on the site and increase conversion.

How SEO freelancers are different from an SEO agency?

SEO freelancers, in general, are an individual or a small group of people working on a project without being expensive like an SEO agency.

How to find a right freelancer?

Finding a right freelancer is not an easy task and sometimes it may take weeks to find one. Before you sign up for a project you should look at the result of a freelancer and verify if they have done the work.
A simple way to verify the work of an SEO freelancer is to “ask to represent” client website backend, google search console and google analytics of the specific site.

Why you should not trust any Freelancer?

Freelancers should no be trusted with their words, They should be trusted with the work they have done in the past. In SEO, the sustained result is everything and you should look for the result(ranking) and then sign up for their SEO service.

How am I different from other Freelancer?

I am a freelancer and I am no different than them but in the result. I speak result and verify it to you when needed. I have worked with the best SEO company in Hyderabad as research and now serving clients in full time after quitting my job on Jan 1st, 2018.

How much SEO traffic do I drive?

As of June 31st, 2019 I drive 1,31,000+ traffic ranking 2,100+ keywords on Google. Most of the traffic is efficient for the niche websites are in and some of the major keywords compete with news site like NDTV, India Times.

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