What to watch, whom to watch as entrepreneur!

Strong advice ahead, take at own risk!

If you don’t take advice from the right people, you will likely not get the result.

If you want to become a good engineer, find a great engineer, a group of engineers, spend more time with them, help them, and build products independently and you will become a good engineer.

If you want to become a great entrepreneur then spend time with someone who has built a great company, In the era!

If you are skilled and want to become rich

  1. Spend more time with rich people
  2. Understand the problems they face
  3. Build solutions
  4. Sell the solution to them
  5. Sell the solution to other rich people in the group, connection, and industry and you will be rich

The channels having millions of reach but add almost 0 to no value 

  1. Intellectual indies (Started as a digital marketing content creator to sell courses on laps, went into interviewing to build an audience, did quite well, started selling courses worth 499)
  2. Raj Sharmani (Sell courses for 99, also allow low-quality people)
  3. Ankur Warikoo (Sold dreams as creator)
  4. Vivek Bindra (Sells corporate courses with unrealistic expectations, J curve, good speaker, good motivator but misses real points)
  5. Beer Biceps

Entrepreneurs starting in this space often get intimidated by their numbers. Turns out, more than 95% of the crowd is low quality and doesn’t reach the right people.

We should remember what’s the end goal!


All the above people are in the business of selling to viewership. They don’t add the real mindset behind the business. I personally prefer 2 people.

The better alternative for general almost accurate info: 

  1. Sridhar Vembu Talks (building nation, being known, building social cred)
  2. Nitin Kamath (building social cred)
  3. Nikhil Kamath (building social cred)

For entrepreneurs and focused people

Going even niche-specific to build content 

  1. Ahrefs (Focused on self-made content, brings less visibility and credibility to the company compared to semrush)
  2. Scalar Academy Podcast (High quality, niche-specific content makes branding happen which eventually makes sales easier for SCALAR for high-price courses)
  3. SEMRUSH (Tools + General Content + A lot of webinars which build Social Cred by the company and by speaker, keeps uses on one platform)

A SaaS company doing industry interviews with DSLR, making it reach many people can be great. SCALAR Academy has been quite well by inviting one person at a time.

The best strategy is to 

  1. Create core content (How to, Why, Research, Action, Checklist, Comparision and etc related to the product)
  2. Create certification courses (Offer for paid,  Make it free, Courses on specific topics, with beautiful certificates, and a verifiable certificate system)
  3. Call Speakers in offline events (Big Brand, Reach, Follower, Impact)
  4. Do webinars in mass in a circle to convert all top experienced industry experts in the industry (Filter by Number, Revenue, Brand, Local Community, and Impact)
  5. Create a freaking good ecosystem of products
  6. Create 3rd party UGC (by having a well-paying, honest affiliate program)
  7. Don’t fall like Ahrefs with the money-saving mindset


The opportunity: 

MixCommerce can achieve all of this simply with high-quality google meet calls.

The Note:

Almost everyone does good and bad things to build a brand. But the important point is, you shouldn’t forget the end goal. Make every decision focusing on the end goal and you will be in the right direction.

Example: Don’t get killed, Don’t get sued, Don’t get stuck in any issue that eats your precious time as an entrepreneur. Save that time, build product, build content, focus on making money and scale the whole operation.


Note: The above message is written form the current Rana to the future Rana.