How do executives, managers and entrepreneur learn the same skill to get things done?


  1. Interest to do things: I am interested in almost anything tech around computer science engineering and much more.
  2. Community: A place where you find a certain type of people e(Entrepreneur, Engineer, Machine Learning enthusiasts, hackers and etc)

Picks your interest, and start attending their events. Living near a tech city like Bangalore, NYC can really be helpful as communities are often formed around the big cities.

Being in the big city really adds a lot of value in terms of community, growth and much more.


Connecting to a local community is one of the growth secrets of my life. I didn’t realize this until I started to think about the reason for my growth.

Turns out, the whole community thing started when I was in college doing computer science engineering, and the Mozilla firefox community conducted an event.

I connected with them on Facebook and continued checking if they were going to any event and joined along.

Events were often conducted for free so I didn’t have to pay anything to them, all I had to pay was the cost of transportation. ie: Public bus, I often used to have a pass(discounted monthly ticket) which allowed me to travel around the city.

Anyway, so after I attended the firefox event, I got to know that an event was being conducted at Sri Indu College, Hyderabad. I immediately had a chat with a community member and went to the event. (I paid 300 for the event)

But despite this being a paid event, the misconception I had that “Sri Indu college people were better” was washed off my brain. I was one of the best performers at the event and won the prize.

After the event, I took part in many other events. Most importantly, one was conducted by Harsh Agarwal at collab house, film city, Hyderabad.

It was an event where Harsh Agarwal, Awesome AJ, and a fashion blogger from Hyderabad were present at the event and discussed around blogging.

The funny thing was, “As per my knowledge at that point in time, a blog that was only built on Blogspot was a blog, everything else was a website”.

Anyway, I didn’t ask the question. I asked others but I didn’t quite get the answer, After a few days, I got to know more about blogging, Adsense and etc.

Around 2nd year-end, we got the opportunity to conduct an event and I conducted an event named tech10ment. Here is a website that I built on Wix(now deleted).


Let’s analyze 3 different types of learners

How to people in general upskill themselves?

  1. Taking course
  2. Going interview
  3. Getting a job
  4. Comfortable life
  5. The company pays for upskilling
  6. not much effort from the candidate’s end

This type of person often ends up having a single industry job and becoming comfortable with their life. Entrepreneurs on the other hand are quite opposite people, they love the community, find ways to learn for free, and learn from top people in the industry.

How managers learn skills(general managers and etc)?

  1. A group of people with a diverse background
  2. People at the top help people in learning new stiff
  3. In the presentation, they often present the way industry is going forward
  4. All you to know is the tools and resources to make things happen
  5. Motivation: You will see people that are weaker than You, and people that are stronger that you. If you can spend time in learning the skills and only ask for help when needed, you should not be surprised to become an expert.
  6. You see people fail, see the mishappening which gives you a feeling that failing is a file
  7. While you work in the community, people will recognize your talent.

How do entrepreneurs learn skills?

  1. Every time they learn something, they make sure that it adds value to their live
  2. Once they learn, they see the biggest outcome from the same
  3. They take action, do something with it. ie: Building a prototype and selling, Building a software product selling it.
  4. They may likely not be good with technical skills but focus to know the people who can build them a product and know marketers who can built them a product.  Examples: Jasper AI, Small SEO Tools, Hootsuite.
  5. Visiting the community, and keeping an eye on the industry really helps them in understanding the potential.