The path to become a Billioniare might not be clear but getting into job in India is the worst think I can do!

Maybe My path to becoming a billionaire is not as clear, but I am on it. I am coming. I will work hard with patience in hand, let’s see who wins!


BTW, My biggest fear of early marriage was that I may end up working in corporate. But If I end up working in a corporation in India while being in India, there would

t be any meaning of being here, there wouldn’t be any meaning of savings. LOL.

So  the point is,

We needed money for Employees, We needed money to run tech infra, and both of them are almost resolved. If we can’t manage the general expenses then wouldn’t be the worst version of rana as CEO.

MixCommerce dividends should pay big in the long term. Let’s see. At the end, it will be an amazing journey.

I understand this fully, I will be bored with its static nature on this application once all features are fulfilled. I will likely be forced by the team to sart a new project than innovate new things in existing products to protect them from over-engineering. LOL.