How to become an Entrepreneur without being lucky?

This guide is to become a strong entrepreneur, not a boring billionaire or an aware son of a big businessman. I follow this process to make myself stronger and not loose out when things go out of hand. Rakesh Suthar will remain an interesting character in my journey.

This article tells you how to become an entrepreneur without being bored and maintaining the right balance. I have followed most of the things written in this article, and others might be around 30% of things on which I would like to correct myself.


How to learn in the initial stage of your career? How to go big on a career starting small! Even from a 3rd-tier college!
1. Join Agency
2. Do meetings and understand the way businesses operate
3. Help them scale and become profitable
4. Repeat

Doing the above will give you the capability and understanding of the way small and medium size businesses operate.

To analyze and understand enterprise big enterprise business, read their (1) annual report (2) through leaders (3) controversies (4) fights in the company. Try to overlook PR and interviews as they often present the shallow and shiny part of the company.

How to learn more but form a business perspective? 
5. Start one Agency of your own, small, focused on what you serve, and go big
6. Add extra service and scale on existing customers
7. Use open-source solutions and proprietary solutions to help customers (small businesses, medium size businesses, and big businesses)
8. Spend very little time with investors and understand their mindset, be very casual with them

1. Participate and Understand the SaaS market (code, no code) – get the market stat (martech)
2. Build something “low feature” or “high usage”, give the community, target on search, and release for free (let be it buggy, fix on the way)
3. Build other products around it and release them for free
4. Release wholesome product V1 (General Usage, API)
5. Extend
6. Fundraise if you have to (I would suggest not to but some of the biggest company has not been built alone, so do the needful) |

(This is where I am in 2022)


7. Make sure while you do anything, your business runs smoothly. Think of this like a train, irrespective of whatever happens, the train has to go. Irrespective of what employees, clients, or system does, the business has to fulfill its businesses.

At the end, when I will die, I will not carry anything with me.

The same boring quote that works

You will become 1/5 of the 5 people you spend most of your time with.




WAY 2: The Smart Businessman

  1. Find experts to design a system
  2. Find people to execute
  3. Find marketers to write
  4. Find customers to sell to and retains

WAY 3: The Elon Musk Way

A smarter guy (to Fail less)

  1. Find customers and see their problem
  2. Understand if there is any opportunity to build a business (save money or make more money to the business owner)
  3. Earning opportunity
  4. Build a system and Make sure to let them try and pay

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