Tata Tele Event – The domination though Affiliate and Takeover – Dec 11th 2023

Tata isn’t just a steel company but also a big affiliate marketing company that offers services to SMBs and SMEs. The most interesting part to note here is that they find cool and profitable products by offering other’s services, once they see the product is quite good, they build their own and they deploy and hold the customer with them.

1. These people are literally in the business of boring(being used for a very long time, nothing new and shiny like AI) products, that are used by people.
2. Fulfill the need, even if it’s not your product, understand the product’s strength, and sell the product later.
3. You are good at reselling, doing the reselling with salespeople, with script, etc, and use AI software to do speech analysis to understand what’s well, why selling, and what’s bothering you.
4. Literally every business owner is just in the survival phase
5. SEO drives business, People should know you, you will get decent referrals, and lead quality will be low, but it should be filtered carefully, considering you have a hicoder and wowcoder tier, you can execute both.
6. CRM is saturated but people are buying. 1000/seat per month, 1000/seat per year, it’s fine.

1. The audience came these were small medium micro business owners
2. Product targetted to small businesses, Less than 30 people (6.7Mbps solutions)

3. I learned how salespeople use fake data points to build trust (Who offers SLA, WhatsApp to call is legally not allowed, 1800 number)
4. Digital Business Transformation is just a buzzword. Literally, all businesses use digital devices, email, drive, etc. The product companies build here is a very common case and they end up buying.
5. Tata Tele business is literally an offline affiliate with a lot of resources to execute, the relationship manager can just sell everything. And they just replace later once they have their own product.

This presents the opportunity to be the https://www.techjockey.com/, or G2, or Capterra but with dedicated human support that people can talk to.