Sustainable Industries and Business Opportunitues for next 10 years

Disclaimer: Do not take this as business advice, this is my personal very rough research without P&L analysis.

Thinking from a long-term approach toward business, this analysis is being done to find an opportunity that can find a few long-lasting wins.

As we think about wins, we should often think about the long term. If it’s a platform, then we should think in terms of the system and reduce our workload and give to the UGC(User-generated Content/Contributor). The word contributors as apps are contributed to platforms like play store are apps, not content. 

The day-to-day things in one’s life will not change! 

  1. Food
  2. Shelter
  3. Clothes

Which industries will not be affected and can be done on the scale with the internet?

  1. Food and Beverage:  The need for sustenance will continue, making the food and beverage industry a stable sector. However, technological advancements might change the way we order, receive, and consume food, such as the rise of delivery apps and automated food preparation systems.
    1.1 RealRecipe: Read, Cook, and Share  | Rev: Ads, Health Consulting, Subscription from Real Authentic Recipe
    1.2 A fast food chain on the cloud (Delivery from 3rd party)
    1.3 A healthy on-cloud subscription (To the gym, health freaks)
    1.4 All-in-one health packages (Gym + Food + Tracking)
  2. Healthcare: The healthcare industry is essential for the well-being of individuals, and advancements in medical technology and treatments are constantly evolving. While the methods of accessing healthcare may change, the need for medical services, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare providers will persist.
  3. Energy and Utilities: The demand for energy and utilities is expected to remain consistent. Although the energy sector is witnessing shifts towards renewable sources and sustainability, the need for electricity, water, and other utilities will continue.
    Business: Tools/Calculator for Web, Average price predictor and etc
  4. Education: Education is a fundamental aspect of human development, and while the methods of teaching and learning may evolve, the need for education itself will persist. Online education, e-learning platforms, and personalized learning experiences are likely to play a more prominent role.
    Business: Media Asset (Tutorial, Ste Step Guide, Checklist, UGC Platform, Aggregators, and consulting sites to help with a college education, employable education and etc)
  5. Transportation and Logistics: People will continue to require transportation and logistics services for commuting, shipping goods, and travel. The industry may witness advancements such as electric and autonomous vehicles, drone deliveries, and improved logistics management systems.
    Business: Affiliate targeting eCommerce starters on TDH Business for eCommerce Recommendation
  6. Financial Services: The financial sector is vital to economies worldwide. While technology has already disrupted this industry, financial services such as banking, insurance, investment management, and payment processing will remain essential even as digital solutions and fintech continue to evolve.
    Business: Insurance Aggregation, Consulting with Web and Video
  7. Home Improvement and Maintenance: As long as people live in homes and buildings, there will be a need for home improvement, maintenance, and repair services. Advancements in smart home technology and sustainable construction practices may influence this industry.
    Business: Aggregator and consulting, Lead selling
  8. Entertainment and Media: The way we consume entertainment and media may change, but the demand for content, movies, music, gaming, and live experiences will persist. Streaming platforms, virtual reality, augmented reality, and other emerging technologies will shape the future of this industry.
    Business: Tech News, Finance News
  9. Retail: While the retail landscape is undergoing significant changes with the rise of e-commerce and online shopping, physical retail stores are expected to adapt and continue to play a crucial role. The integration of digital technologies, personalized experiences, and innovative store formats can help sustain the retail industry.
    Business: Printable QR Code based Loyalty Software SaaS, Subscription Software SaaS, Satisfaction SaaS, Giveaway SaaS
  10. Construction and Real Estate: The need for infrastructure development, housing, and commercial spaces is unlikely to diminish. Construction companies, real estate agents, and property management services will continue to be in demand, although sustainable practices and smart building technologies may become more prevalent.
    Aggregator (Not interested as of 2023)
  11. Agriculture and Food Production: The agricultural industry will persist as it is responsible for feeding the growing global population. Advancements in agricultural technology, precision farming, and sustainable practices will shape the industry’s future.
    Business:  Fertile Land, Growth gardens, for natural and organic food growth.
  12. Manufacturing and Industrial Sector: Manufacturing industries, including automotive, electronics, and machinery, are expected to endure. Automation, robotics, and additive manufacturing (3D printing) are likely to transform the manufacturing landscape, making it more efficient and adaptable.
    Business: Aggregator Site, Start a Business, Lead Selling, Consulting
  13. Professional Services: Various professional services such as legal, accounting, consulting, and marketing will continue to be essential for businesses and individuals. However, the nature of these services may evolve as technology enables automation and digital solutions.
    Business: ConnectLink/BusinessPowerhouse
  14. Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology: The healthcare sector’s growth and the continuous need for new drugs and medical advancements make the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries resilient. Research and development, drug manufacturing, and biotech innovations will drive this sector forward.
    Business: Aggregator Site, Lead Selling
  15. Personal Care and Beauty: The personal care and beauty industry, including skincare, cosmetics, and grooming products, has shown consistent demand. While online shopping and digital influencers impact consumer behavior, the need for self-care and personal grooming will persist.
    Business: Aggregator Site, Lead Seling, Business Consulting
  1. Hospitality and Tourism: People will continue to travel and seek hospitality services, even though the industry may undergo shifts in response to changing travel trends and technological advancements. Hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and tourism experiences will remain relevant.
    Business: Agreegator Site, Lead selling, High margin Lead selling businesses (Cancer, Sugar, Mindfulness, Retreats)
  2. Environmental and Sustainability Services: With the increasing focus on environmental conservation and sustainability, industries related to renewable energy, waste management, eco-friendly products, and environmental consulting are likely to grow and remain relevant.
  3. Marketing:
    – loyalty management system
    – subscription software (eCommerce, Service) (buy soap for 12 moths, food for 1 month)
    – Customer onboarding will reduce as customer will likely start to retain on specific brands
    – Search will be down (because of customer loyalty)
    – social will also go down (people will be fed up all different type of content, they would like there mind to be silent and bull shit filter will improve)
    – New Audience tapping will increase (Tiktok targets millennials, shacharit targets auto walla, uncle, aunty but doing what they believe in which is a quite big audience in India) The company is losing money and I am not sure if they will become profitable due to low customer purchase power in India but the app is definitely used, and will be used.