This post lists our regrets from the future to improve the current flow.

Personal Goal: Health, Wealth and Happiness (in person and family, be happy in the current and in the future)

Rule: make yourself and your current company in safe place, spend remaining 30% on R&D and diversification.


Current Executions: (19th March 2024)

MixCommerce: MicroSaaS

  1. CardScanner, Blog, Docky
  2. Work on MicroSaaS, Launch on ProductHunt, Reddit, Linkedin, Quora, twitter and youtube.
  3. Find community where people discuss pretty good SaaS (pretty dirty to filter)


  1. Connect with quality (rich in business) people, NGOs, real estate community and others (to build connection and eventually get high value projects)
  2. Look at IT outsourcing podcast (Talk with better lead gen ways for HiCoder management.)
  3. Find information in Admin bar community with direct and indirect questions to get more projects from the US
  4. A course on RevOps (high price course, low view, high revenue, high price consulting)
  5. A course on SEO RevOps (high price course, low view, high revenue, high price consulting)
  6. Start the WP and No Code Content making (affiliate, wordpress consulting)



Regret from year 2018

Writing on Date: 19th march 2024

  1. [won] Work on your own business (I did, started stablx)
  2. [won] I wish I could have scaled amazon affiliate as much I could have (I actually did, was stable for 4 years)
  3. [won] I wish I had made enough money (yes, but I had no other way, I did everything I could, My connections were likely not big enough)
  4. [lost] I wish I made friends who were rich, had business, I could have visited their business, solved their problem using tech and make money for building solution for them.
  5. [lost] I wish I had opportunity to work on simple solutions that could have been executed by millions or billions of time on system making a lot of revenue for business and very good revenue for me. (hindi recipe scaled but didn’t make enough)
  6. [won] I wish I could have scaled TDH (I actually did)
  7. [won] I wish I could have diversified TDH (I did, by starting HiCoder)
  8. [won] I wish I could have worked on SaaS and exit out HiCoder because hicoder was a bad business with just 1X return and students just abused whole industry than working hard, even when they do a pretty good job. I actually did this too.
  9. [won] I wish I could have taken a break and could have started SaaS (I did that)
  10. [partially won] I wish my SaaS was ready and developers could not have left in better. WOn on industry selection, starategy documentation, failed at building tech due to me being available being quite less
  11. [execute] I should focus on micro SaaS than starting a full SaaS. Full SaaS requires a lot of resources which I don’t have at this stage and I am not considering to get funded and let the execution get ruined. ie: CardScanner, Docky and Blog
  12. [issue] I wish I had given enough time to devs in developing initial products of MixCommerce (MixSocial) than starting many products at the same time.
  13. [opportunity] I wish I could have spoke to more higher side agency sales experts, could have setup email, had DB
  14. [opportunity, Ignore, wide, focus on WP and SaaS ecosystem] I wish I had access to US based fortune employees with whom I could have understood outsourcing processes for web (solution: podcast and community)
  15. [opportunity] I wish I could have cold called a lot of US business to sell IT. I could have utilised my mentor from Indranagar and made the final selling from the India to the US for quite decent sized projects.
  16. [Opportunity] I wish I could have interviewed email marketers from slightly bigger orgs than mind to excel on skill(email, outreach, cold call in the US) to bring IT businesses, and retaining businesses.
  17. [won] I wish could have attention, resources for specific products. But now, as the issue is clear that the problem was with building full size SaaS. We can now build micro SaaS and go further while parallel running SOP. (I overworked, I needed helping hand and Rakesh wasn’t available to take the load)
  18. [ignore, high resources needed, better to focus on WP for now] I wish I has continue with the software marketplace with TDH. This could have pushed/allowed me to understand the competition, new opportunity and could have brought enough affiliate revenue to start own company. This TBH looks operationally heavy, long time investment but nevertheless can have decent output.


Conclusion: Get in rich ecosystem (Millionaires as friend), Ultra Rich (Billionaires as friends) and help them with your skill to solve their problems and get paid. They don’t mind paying as long as you solve their problems.  (Real Estate)


Places to meet: (1). Donation camps, (2). Visit and meet NGO Foundations on events, (3). last option: business meet- they will not be clam but in high attitude, Billionaire community meet: perfect one, Show hard work, continuous emails.

  1. Solve problems for people who are billionaires (marketing, tech, SaaS, marketplace and etc)
  2. Learn from Billionaires who became billionaire on their own (Warren Buffet, Elon, Jeff(classic business, matches on few personality traits))


  1. find people who can help in raising funds with prototype
  2. focus on prototype and build


What do you want to do?

  1. Build tech for rich and make billions (choose this, possible with SaaS, MarTech, SalesOps)
  2. Get into hard core business and then work physically hard

Writing Date: 19th march 2023

Future: 19th March 2028

  1. I wish I had launched cardscanner with just auth, export for free and started charging later. This could have seen starting of very first SaaS for B2B. Everyone who was in this space was paying high price to hubspot and salesforce to have OCR feature.
  2. I could have made decent amount of money from there and could have continued to build “cardscanner+” for fast onboarding, workflow and pushing the prices.
  3. We could have then launched another micro SaaS named Blog with AI optimisation for content, than being AI for writer. We could have pushed newsletter, user and etc.
  4. These 2 SaaS could have made quite decent amount of money to fund the next SaaS which was “Support + Upvotely + Documentation + AI Chat Support + Forums”
  5. I wish I had friends who worked as sales in some development company having experience in marking proposal  for wordpress development, design, hosting and manageement. I could have learnt from him and scaled.
  6. I wish I could have stayed in the wordpress boring ecosystem, made videos, made trust, made US people know me, could have offered to manage their site and did a quote good business with them. This could have earned affiliate revenue as well.
  7. I wish I could have started mixcommerce with very simple tools. (ie: business card scanner, wordpress CRM, simple LMS and etc).
  8. I wish I could have spread my legs one by one than taking too many spread steps and being spread thin on all.
  9. I wish I could have scaled on more money making opportunities.

If I had to restructure today, I could have gone big around RevOps to make quick money, wordpress to make stable money and SaaS to make a very strong SaaS company. This stack could have helped me in going big.

  1. WordPress (Affiliate + Web Agency)
  2. Courses to make enough bucks
  3. RevOps (Consulting) | Podcast could have pushed me to be known in consulting and make more money.
  4. MixCommerce (future proofing)


Which ways you could have chosen to make the future stable?

  1. WordPress content and affiliate
  2. MixCommerce MicroSaaS and SaaS


What’s the interesting thing here?

I was successful moving away from job to business, run myself, do some savings as well but this has to scale. And scale to make 30X more than the current amount with US clients and retainer.


How do we scale? (Conclusion: This shit will take a lot of time to scale, but this will be stable)

1. WordPress services as Retainer as a solution.

  1. 499/Month for support and 1 major change or 4,999K per year
  2. $999 per month and 3 major changes + updates per month

2. Startup Programs | New Business Plans

  1. Offers brands their starting package to get started with website(1-10 pages), social media, business card, t shirts, letter pads and etc ($2,999 > $1499)
  2. 30 pages website + 1 year hosting + business email + brand kit + social media ($4999 > $2999, for refereed customers sell for $249)


Audience: The audience will be the US. We should find the medium to reach these people(Youotube/Instagram), have enough content to become available(youtube)  They can get support and 1 major change fulfilled.

Referal: The service is key to reach them. Once they reach, we can pitch them in client meetings to refer clients and they can get $249 discount on the next invoice or get paid.