Product naming for MixCommerce, General Names vs Apple Inspiration

A typical old way
A new way, like an iPhone, is

Old Way
– describing the product with “CRM START”, “CRM For SMB”, “CRM for Enterprise”
– easy to understand,
– will cost money to educate
– and increase our effort on SEO by 10X

New Way
– describing the product with CRM Mini, CRM Max, CRM Mar Pro
– letting users know that you can have more power by using the CRM Max Pro, you don’t have to be an enterprise to use that.

Our Resource:
– Good at SEO
– Good at Content
– Educated Audience (we will use this to target it later)
– Targeting existing industry
– Less money

I think we should stick with the old way to do things with keywords in products as
– people are aware of those
– suiting to our strength
– we can create a new version later if needed
– known people will use general terminology to search
– We are targeting SEO as our major driver
– We can test Apple’s hypothesis later once we have enough money and resource in place.