New Personality Discovered at 6th World Marketing Innovation Summit, 2023, Sterlings Mac Hotel, Bangalore

I performed way better than all the corporate trainers pointing out issues and the flow of delivery was amazing.

The colleagues said that it was the best they had seen me since I spoke at the event.


That’s not enough

  1. I was called for a meeting by 3 very high potential leads that too in a very requesting form which was mind-blowing

The Fact that It wasn’t fade

All three 3 were very high potential leads doing enterprise and high-price business. They talked to me because they loved my talk and talked because they trusted in me.

  1. Whose new IT platform lists plot information did an IT focused want to talk to professionals


  1. A CMO of an IT company having 3000+ IT employees wanted to talk with his CEO to do lead generation for them. He mentioned that their website is not good enough and everything should be revamped and should be taken forward. Happened outside of the event game.
  2. One of the biggest font companies that did a 14M single deal with Canva tried talking to me and wanted to talk to me in person to take their new AI Sensitive Font Recommendation forward.
  3. The founder of a large land/real estate company spending 50L+ INR on marketing per month wanted to show his new IT platform they built for the developers and asked to talk on a call.


But… There is a problem with the enterprise. If not, I personally feel this way at least.

There are limitations, approval, and processes. I am skeptical about working with the enterprise. The bureaucracy, the less productivity, and the politics. I feel that I am a free-minded minded who wants to work and deal with the least amount of bureaucracy.

This doesn’t mean I cannot deal with bureaucracy but I feel that I would like to avoid and focus on being productive rather than dealing with bureaucracy.

Real freedom will be achieved when I have things in control and when the other party trusts me and gives me enough freedom to make the system better. My nature in general is that I plan and do things in a systematic way. I see problems, I list them, I work on them to find a solution and once the system is made, I work on them to make it execute on scale.

I personally feel Corporate will likely never be able to give me that freedom but a startup would will all their hunger to do more with less.

Anyway, It was a good experience to know my depth on the subject, and the delivery I can do after spending so much time in startups. Especially how I did so well in terms of presentation, explanation, and delivery of valuable content to the audience.

I am humbled that I was able to achieve that without working in corporate.

I would like to make myself focused now to build great products at MixCommerce, Do a couple of consulting for worthwhile projects, and continue with my startup journey.

I love working in startups and I love doing more with less. 🙂