My Consultant journey

Disclaimer: I am in a restaurant having mini idli. I am using my Phone’s Google keyboard voice typing to write this article. Please expect spelling mistakes.


There are millions of consultants and most of them do not have a very good marketing strategy and operation strategy to get a lot of clients.

Got because I got an engineering background that brings me how to track clients, it has become easier for me to convert a lot of people in the lead fungal and then filter for the conversion.

This is not magic but rather a process that often should be followed to accelerate the growth in your consulting career.

1. Take every opportunity to market

2. Talk audience specific

3. Know your audience before you bluff

4. Deliver an impact

5. Make them remember you

6. Leave a contact without being shy

7. Put yourself in a group where people’s high matters are discussed


Define what you want

– I want to speak at TED Talk (not achieved)

– I wanted to speak at eChai (expected)

– I wanted to host startup events (Hosted in Bangalore)

– wanted to help entrepreneurs (Doing in Bangalore)

– I wanted to speak to SMBs (Done with eChai, meetups and events, marketing summit)

– I want to speak to the business community (STPI)

– I want to speak at a big marketing conference showcasing what we achieved


The audience for me and the next actions

1. Small and medium business community

2. Speak on an audio podcast about marketing and ad tech

3. Host a video podcast show on Marketing and ad tech from my home studio

4. Spending more time with industry leaders and crazy minds

5. Deligation will key factor in scaling your business.

6. Go to events and meetups to find the right talent and build a team