MixCommerce sustainable engineering and growth mindset!


  1. Build in India, Sell to the world
  2. Automate as much as you can to reduce the support and management
  3. Build trust with customers
  4. Remember you are building an ecosystem
  5. The goal is to fulfill every marketing need they have, and plan long-term.
  6. The goal doesn’t change quite often, business industries and verticals should be targeted right.

Business Strategy: 

Focus on what will remain even after 10 years

SDLC: Azile with DevOps

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance & Support

Some Thesis

  1. Slow is fine but not a broken system (EJS if we have control)
  2. Sustainable Architecture (Keep it simple, Don’t lose a lot of money on logging)
  3. Design Simple (Don’t run behind fancy new UI, Follow KISS)
  4. Sustainable marketing (Long term growth without death)
  5. Make sure to onboard long-term and available teams for tech
  6. It’s an ecosystem, marketing other products becomes easy/tough based on past exp
  7. Release free if needed to gain maturity and then make paid
  8. Build Error/Fault tolerance capability (Chaos Engineering)

The Core Team

  1. Engineering Team: Keep string engineering team (Expandable)
  2. Marketing Team: Keep string marketing team (New team added after new product launch for dedication, but what if the whole team is not utilized)
  3. Sales Team: Keep them in the ecosystem
  4. Support Team: Keep them away! As the product is small, they can work on multiple products!

Tech to Run

  1. Keeping long-term persistent system will be important (AWS S3, AWS Dynamo, Amazon Lambda and EC2)
  2. Keeping logs for the last 30 days will be important (Grafana, Free Version should be enough)
  3. Keeping APM(Application Performance Monitoring) will be important | (Prometheus, Free version should be enough)