How to just drive traffic from web without any value?

This list of methodologies explain the ways to just drive traffic. This strategy is used on SEO streets to just drive traffic and make a few dollars. Most of these ideas can be refined not to voilate google policies and still continue to rank. =

There are some of the “Best Bad SEO examples” where an SEO professional or an entrepreneur focuses and only shows arrgance on SEO traffic but not the value.

How to just drive traffic?

Method 1: (The spam with illegal way, Never Recommended)

1. Create movie download pages and content
2. Create song download pages and content
3. Create book download pages and content
4. Create Free Software Download pages
5. Create Free mobile app pages
6. Create serial download pages
7. Create
8. Create adult content
9. Creats short movie site using tiktok, insta content, specific to industry)
10. create scrollable meme collection pages (All, specific to industry)
11. Create scrollable
12. Avail scrollable and locked content wih a better UI
Reddit UI => Better UI
13. Adult Content with Better UI UX and less spammy and redirecting Ads

14. Study material Download

15. creating organisation pages for specific things (Job, Business Info, Employees)

16. Company Listing

17. Journalist and publication Listing (,

18. Car Model Listing

19. Mobile phone listing


20. Medicine Listing




  1. Byjus, An Edtech giant uses this to rank, delivers no value to visitor and asks them to become customer – Observed in 2020
  2. Many Naukri(job) Sites India use this to rank for specific brand keywords and redirect the user once they land on the webpage

What exactly google is looking for?

User Requirement Fulfilling:

Is the user fulfilling the query for which user is visiting

For Example: Medicine Webiste

Are people looking to buy a new medicine strip online


people are looking to know about the medicine online because they have some left in their house


A medical shop owner is considering o order in online?

It’s hard to tell. But a system that know “What the user does, what the user might be searching for with high probability can answer with high accuracy”.

CASE 1: If the person is just a normal user typing the name he is probably searching for information because he is not a doctor but also know much about medicine then “Show Product price and Info Result Combined”

CASE 2: If the person searching online is a medical shop owner then the person in likely looking for “Show Wholesale Result”

Google also does not know the correct answer either but they show result with probability. That’s one of the reason why, many a times you will see that your friend is not getting same google result as you do. 


Who know a smartphone more than Google? Probably no one.

14 Building social media network for specific audience


What if a business has purchasing option as well as they sell the medicine?

They will compete over all  the cases and rank for almost all medicine pages having good quality content. If you see carefull,  that’s what 1MG and pharmeasy and others are doing.

At the end, The who delivers medicine on time with lower price will be the winner.

That’s one of the reason you see, every new company in business, raising funds to “Value the Customer” and “Deliver Good Experience” so the customer do not move away.

So what did we learn here?

There are ways to drive traffic that illegal, unethical and valuable. Most of the valuable traffic is driven for commercial purpose.

As you become commercial, things becomes compiles and expensive and as you come towards unethical and illegal ways things become easier.

If you observe carefully, it is just like life and governmental system but with “Controlled by Google” and controlled by big tech.

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