Startup in India vs College in US MS (2 years) + 3 years job duration in US

So 2 of my friends moved to US in one week, Sunday 9th Aug 2022. I have finally decided to make a chart and fix the bug in my mind.


Factors Points Winner
Life Better Lifestyle US
Salary US
Startup India
Overall Asset Growth in this age India
People Access (founder, big people) India
Living in House that can be studio India (can’t afford in the US)
Business Startup Community India
Cheap Talent  India
Engineer Team India
Marketing Team India (text content us)
Can raise funds India (cheap and enjoy)
Team management India
Operation Team India
In Person Interview Experts on Channel India
Scalability India
Build cheap, Sell high (US & world) India
Cheap product demand, Need of Hour. 

Just Become a Valuable Startup, you have everything 

US, UK, and everywhere. And then India, but it’s growing. 
No limitation on earning India
India wins with tech, talent cheap prices. India
Execution India
Ability to make change India
Opportunity 300k salary vs 3B business India
Prod Research Doesn’t matter. Focus on one, build one whole platform and enjoy.  Yes
Nomad life later India
Can shift to Europe, Canada, House

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