How we negotiate engineering for a project? Feature: MixPhotos

This is a simple conversation we generally have while we discuss engineering modules for building theproduct. This is a project on which we don’t plan to make money, this is a community project. We have chosen the LAMP stack and this is how we came to the conclusion to follow MVP for our initial stage.


What do we need?
Pexels but for WordPress (with very simple UI so that anyone can download and upload, and give credit)

How fast do we want it?
In 20 days

Can we compromise on experience?
Yes, we can but I don’t know how users will react!
Well, if they want free photos, they will get free photos.
Tell people that you are giving free photos, we are building the platform. [Done]

What is non-negotiable?
1. Once the user clicks on download, they should be able to download from there
2. Good theming
3. Should look professional

What do you need?
1. Hosting
2. Domain
3. Theme
4. Premium Elementor (Not available)

What software modules should be present?
1. UI where people can upload photos
2. A UI where people can download images
3. A UI where people can see photos from specific stores/user
4. A UI window people should get when

Do you think the experience you are building will satisfy you?
No, I don’t think I will be satisfied. (This is a problem to be fixed first and then other problems come)
Take time, think about it.

1. See if you can really build from scratch (or using a template)
2. Talk to dolly (if HTML or EJS pages are needed)
3. See if you can rally build in 20 days from scratch
4. Take action and do it

Can the cloud really be cheaper compared to a system that can be used on a free $5 VM?