Google Business strategy and Data collection Strategy for $$$$$ (observations)

If you think, Google is a business-friendly company, build a smart reporting to data studio for free, you should likely rethink.

Google is one of the most data-collection-focused companies in the world. They have built data collection systems that can literally get data from almost every type of traffic.

Do you know that google chrome collects data that includes a list of applications installed on your computer?

  1. This info can be used to predict any new product adaptation and google can use this to build a competitor product faster and release it in the market

How google gets the best machine learning expert data and processes?

They offer google collab. An alternate platform owned by google that has Jupiter notebook features, but owned by google.

Google uses a lot of machine learning to keep everyone on the same platform and (1) remain updated on tech and use cases (2) hire the best machine learning engineers.

They collect data from Browser and PC(chrome), collect data from OS (Android, Chromebook), They collect data from any google apps you have, an android marketplace(Playstore), programming language(kotlin), (go) and much more.

Google is the biggest data collection technology company that uses these data points to build new products and dominate everywhere it can.

(1) From giving a very deceiving message not to install 3rd party app to (2) collecting location data from google maps without showing “location on” on screen, they have built some of the best dark patterns in the UI history.

[image of android 3rd party installation warning] [How google uses dark pattern to collect location data even when location setting is off]

(3) Share button in the mobile app is the other thing that google has tried changing the meaning of and used the dark patterns to force product adaption.

data Android OS, Chrome Brower, Search



Tell a lie for 1 time, it’s a lie. Tell the sam lie for 10 times to people, that will be truth.

Who uses this strategy?

  1. China uses this strategy to pull on sensitive matters
  2. Dookan founder summit and subhash uses this cover their issue with rankz
  3. Limechat uses this by labeling “IIT founder” but actually uses chatwoot open source product code and labels as their company
  4. Google uses this, brands use it for reputation management, founders use this through PR to manage reputation)

Turns out, if you have the biggest userbase on the planet then you can

  1. just make an app “dialer” and become the biggest bialer in the world and will rank #1 on play store
  2. Change the share button to “share only across google products” and people will use it (smart takeover)

Turns our that if you have the biggest search engine(Google) then you can do a lot of stuff that benefits you blaming things to algorithms

  1. Rank own products and de rank every competitor (ie: Keywork “Analytics” on google mostly ranks google products not others ie: Adobe analytics, Motomo)
  2. It was very hard to find lawsuits and critics of google but bing was able to find the same content properly
  3. Get post removed from reddit trend (Google likely did this very internally when we exposed their overtake on brand-name zoom to promote google duo)

How google makes people do work that cannot be automated using AI for free?

  1. Google crowed source is an app by google that uses
  2. Google Maps has gamification with almost no value to the user but people go crazy for points and levels
  3. Asks people to review places, gets the business quality data for free, this info is also used in google search result ranking


How does google make business share advertising data legally?

  1. Gives free data studio (observes usage patterns to sell more ads to businesses, related products, and build around any tech that is emerging)
  2. Google free google analytics (observes usage patterns using logs, gets visitors data for free, only shows results to site admin of 5% sample data, using GA4, made tough to see and browse data as well, but they get all the data)
  3. Offers flutter for free (Programming Language, observes usage pattern using logs)
  4. Offers Kotlin for free (Programming Language, observes usage pattern using logs)
  5. Offers GoLang for free (programming language, observes usage pattern)
  6. Offers Google Sitekit for free (Observes the content)