Dolly’s gift to me on new year 2024

It’s 04:13 AM on the date 01 Jan 2024. We came from outside(church street, Brigade Road. Bangalore) around 02:50 am. We were tired but I chose to complete my New Year ritual.

Dilly initially said that she would not be batching and writing them right now but she just did and wrote to me.

Dolly just gave me one of the best gifts I have ever received, the mindset of acceptance and openness to improve.

She explained that we have 2 kinds of relationship
1. brother and sister
2. Business Partner

She expressed that she feels guilty about the past where she crossed the line and broke.
Context: I have been broken when she has put me beyond the edges and I have considered leaving her alone as I don’t want ever to become a hostile person in life. It has happened in several cases due to her maturity, in my protection, or to take her side in business.

She expressed that she wants to continue this relationship and she is sorry for anything she has done in the past. She openly repeated that several times in other words with context and purity.

It means a lot to me because the person who broke me several times is coming back to me, expressing that she was concerned and wants to fix it and does not want to break the relationship.

1. I currently have happy tears in my eyes.
2. I feel proud of the path I have chosen to be on. “Being good than being evil”, “Earning the right way”
3. I am proud that the boy who once was in the village has grown to a level where he is able to make multiple internet-based profitable businesses, can bootstrap a business, and works with top international university students for SaaS projects.

The credit goes to my grandfather who taught me the difference between good and bad. That core principle alone taught me to make the right decision.

I too the path of goodness that was written nowhere but likely got initiated because my cousins and uncles behaved poort to me in the past.

I feel successful after seeing the way she adapted my thinking, decision-making, and business model. She has been a partner for the same. She chose the path of software development, has been a software developer, cracked interviews, and finally, is now an entrepreneur.
1. Expressing the values she learned (project understanding, client communication, project discussion, personality positioning, goodness, project negotiation, fearlessness etc)
2. Expressing the issues

I am proud that I was able to teach my mindset to her and help her understand tech and other businesses.

We aren’t able to make a lot of money yet but we have been able to establish a
1. good communication system
2. good execution system
3. understand and implement impact-based changes
4. Learn to compliment and give constructive feedback
5. Being rough and being businesses

Money is just a byproduct of all of this.
We likely need to narrow our work a little, reduce no of things we are working and focus on revenue. Once we have revenue in hand, we can do the same things in a stable manner. Currently, it’s quite flickery due to an inconsistent international and contribution-based workforce.


More than any materialistic gift, knowing that someone is becoming between, they are following the path you have explained then and are able to fix issues and become better on their own is one of the biggest gifts in itself.