Can I use gmail or Google mail for guest post outreach? (Issues explained)

We are fed up with Google for our guest post revenue for most of our sites.

We do not check our mail regularly and sometimes, for some sites, it takes months before we check the mail.


The problem:

Google decides what’s spam, and what’s good. Of course the fake mails to transfer millions of dollars should be marked as spam, or insurance company selling insurance should be marked as spam but when it comes to guest post it has to be different.

Google rank depends on a lot of backlinks and it’s a no-brainer.

Google uses all its assets to protect Google ranks from being manipulated. But they are also the people who run ads on brand names if your brand name holds a lot of commercial value. So, in the end, it’s all about business.

So if you are a blog owner or website owner then you should be in a position to accept guest posts and see the placement but google doesn’t want you to do that.


For guest post outreach


1. Google deletes emails that are used for email reach

2. Google send most of your guest post request to the receiver’s spam which gets deleted in 30 days


For website owners

2. Google marks guest post requests as spam and deletes the mail in 30 days

3. Google also marks it as highly dangerous which is not the right label


You will have to move all the posts Solution: Use your own mailbox or just use zoho mail


It’s a great alternative and unlike Google, it doesn’t delete emails.