Business Card Effectiveness Test

I personally feel that the current way physical business card are shared is not efficient enough. The lead flow, truest, and customer conversion can be improved by changing the content on the business card.

The current way 

  1. Businesses just give the person’s info, in worst they forget to mention “about their business” in 3-4 words


  1. People forget whom they met after they return from the event
  2. a lot of businesses drop their business cards in the “jar” kept on the stall
  3. We meet a lot of people and forget the thing they do
  4. people connect on LinkedIn and likely never connect to discuss further. One should at lead send a basic introductory message with “name, what they do, place where they met, and the next step to take

Anyway, the point i want to research in the research if a certain type of business card performs well.

Apparatus we will use

  1. Business card (3 types, Good Design + Exact benefit  + Design + Contact)
  2. Bitly (3)
  3. Google Analytics (3)
  4. Search Console (3)
  5. Phone numbers (3)

ABC Testing Business Cards
1. Shiny but Contact
2. Design + Contact
3. Boring but exact Value

I will soon do this. It’s a good idea.

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