Boat, The headphone brand is now taking the power back from amazon and Flipkart.

The boat has been the leader in every type of sound device. From cheap-priced high quality wired earphones to side speakers and more. The boat has killed on product and got Indians the quality they deserved and the reliability they expected.

The strategy

  1. Boat sells new products on amazon and flipkart until they get 1,00,000+ reviews
  2. Disables delivery on most of the location
  3. People end up search on google to but the product
  4. boat official website ranks
  5. Boat sells the same product and delivers on your address way faster than amazon and flipkart (less than 24 hours)
  6. Messaging on every action
  7. And gives a 100rs coupon on a new friend referred

This strategy is smart for brands that have gained visibility and trust among customers.


The cool part is, once the customer trusts to but from original brand website, they will likely go there next time too to purchase that brand product.

In fact, they will end up creating accounts for their mom and dad to get the referral money. Whick looks like a bad idea for boat as it losses money but it’s actually very wise.


Amazon charges almost 250-350 rupees every 1000 bucks. That means that if you purchase headphones worth 1000, the boat only gets around 650.

But if you purchase here, Boat gets all the 100 bucks and they take care of delivery. Hardy spends 100 rupees in storing in local warehouses in different cities and getting saving almost 250 rupees for every 1000 rupees.


Did the boat start a warehouse of its own? 

No, they just used ShipRocket. ShipRocket is a company that stores the products and sends the product using their partners (delivery, DHL, etc) throughout the world.

The delivery problem in India has been solved, now brands just need to find the pain point, build a product that matches endian’s preferences, sell on amazon, get free coverage(youtube, reviews), and get back the control to own e-commerce. The like the way boats took back from amazon and Flipkart.


Was this boat’s original idea? 

No, but it’s really big in volume and that’s the reason it deserves to be mentioned here.


Which big brand started this in India? 

It was redmi, by selling phones on their own e-commerce through the last sales. This pushed people to join the tech community.


Also, on my personal choice. I like Aman on shark tank because the Boat is profitable. Unlike most of the other judges who are running in loss.