403 Ways to build backlink with exampled for Each

Disclaimer: This book is not written by me.

The reason behind Publishing: Self Reference in Future

Note: This book has listed comprehensive way to build backlinks that can be helpful as well as harmful. To use this book, you must have understood of quality backlinks.

If you don’t have any idea about quality links, I encourage you to learn those first and then try to read this.

The story behind this book

Not sure where I found it but I was looking for this for a very long time(almost 2 years).

I found a book that lists many ways to build backlinks. For the last 2 years, I was looking for that file but was unable to find it. One fine day, I searched something on my Mac Fined and it popped up in the file along with the things I was looking for.

I immediately copied it to the desktop. I have finally decided to publish it here for my reference.


I tried copying the topic using OCT and copy pate but it’s didn’t work. This file was not very structured, at least from the File system organization-wise.

Anyway, here is the PDF.

403 link building strategies

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