2024 Focus

The new year 2024 should be narrowed down and focused more approach for me

I will be focusing on 2 major things

  1. Video Making
  2. Building MixCommerce tools


How does this align to make MixCommerce?

It is aligning as


  1. This is building the initial audience to sell HiCoder services to
  2. Ability to test MixCommerce tools and sell to an initial audience
  3. Ability to be on a scalable platform (video scales, people trust face, they come back)
  4. It is setting up the group to sell education at affordable prices ($50 or less)
  5. Do consulting for a fee of $500-5000. It includes complete WordPress and other related tools implementation.
  6. It is building a standard flow of agency business in the long run which will make hicoder and wowcoder successful with a stable ecosystem.

Conclusion: You are close to the ecosystem and you will be selling WordPress and side by side you will help business owners with 3rd party products here. It will improve the understanding of the competitor products and build better products. It’s a slow and lean way to build, which will take years but have a higher chance of being successful as this is a stable ecosystem. Low risk, defined return.

STRATEGY 2: That’s BS, Be successful as a SaaS

  1. Target a big expensive brand and product,
  2. Spend the money on building a kickass tool
  3. Hire a sales team to sell the product
  4. Use the money to build another product and run


  1. Learn a tool
  2. make video
  3. Generate Lead
  4. Let a vendor fulfill the requirement
  5. You make the money in between
  6. Bring the vendor on board with the developer and build a product


  1. Leave everything
  2. Go to the US
  3. Study, make money from part-time
  4. Build a tool from India, run ads, and try selling

Conclusion: Risk: This will create a big disconnect from the industry and will not allow me to test the tool with initial clients. Luxury will be a key strategy to make the product successful. We can give our CRM, Social media, or Invoicing tool to businesses to use for free, get feedback, and build further. If I go to the US then the gap may widen and may end up creating more loans, a gap in mindset, a gap in execution, etc.

The other way to look at this will be that we can look at more businesses learn more from them and get ideas to build new products. But the industry I live in is often online. I deal with B2B MarTech which is often the same everywhere. Besides, once we look at the yearly review by Salesforce or zoho annual event, we get the core idea and industry trends.

So, I hardly see any new or bigger benefit being added here.

Conclusion: High Risk, Sad vendor, Hard to trust in the market with a new tool and new video. It would be better to go deep, gain topical authority, gain the leads in a niche, get ranking, and proceed further. This strategy will eventually get kicked in with STRATEGY 1 as there will not be enough topics left after a while.



Strategy 1 is better, it has given the right time that is needed. If someone can do the video editing for me, I will be able to calm myself down, have less pressure, focus on learning new tools, focus on the overall business, have mindfulness, and maintain my relationship with my girl.

I believe that 2024 will likely be a good winner as it is focusing on mass delivery. A point to note is, that these videos will never reach millions of views, in fact, they won’t even reach 100K views as this is purely B2B.

Setting the right expectations: No hunger for views, KPI: Client Converted, Revenue generated


Be comfortable and Build: 


1. Video Making

Video making is focused as this is something people will be valuing going forward. There are multiple reasons for this

  1. People value video content more
  2. Video improves Google Ranking (Google News context as an example)
  3. Google Values it and webpages having videos from their channel are prioritized over some time and you gain topical authority and publish
  4. Stands Out (Text content is easy and the web is spammed)
  5. A “face in business” adds more value than “a company logo on top left“, especially when you are a small business owner.
  6. Will not get outdated by AI-made video

Goal, Audience, Topics I will be working on 

  • Start Your Business
  • Marketing for Business
  • Sales for Business


Course 1: Start Your Business | Your First Business – As an Entrepreneur

  1. Goal: Lead Generation, (branding)
  2. Audience: Anyone who wants to start a business online, can spend $499($99) on the course, can spend $250 on hosting and setup, can spend $250 on business
  3. Topics: Business, Going Online, Business Website, Business from Business Website, Website Management, Blog, Visibility of Internet, Maintenance, Security, Support, Cost of Website, Hiring a Team, Cost of Team, Alternate Methods, In House Team, Remote Team, Inhouse Team vs Remote Team Cost Comparision, Must Outsource vs Don’t Outsource in Business, How to get started?, How not to get started? Control your destiny
  4. Tools:
  5. Deliverables: Understanding of a Business, General Operations in a Business, Going Online, Basic of marketing, Cost comparison, How to get started.

The time needed per week: 4-5 hours (20 hours per month), No Restriction

Effort: Go out meet people, make content on social media, bring projects, keep 30%, we will execute.

Course 2: Marketing for Entrepreneurs

  1. Goal: Make them understand different ways to do marketing (Website + Paid, Website + Organic, Website + Hybrid)
  2. Audience: The people who have completed “Start your business” or have a general understanding of online business
  3. Topics: Marketing, Online, Offline, Online vs Offline comparison | Organic, Paid, Hybrid, Big Brands, Small brands, The strategy, The project (Goal, Resource, Planning, Execution, Precautions, Everything is possible if you can move a couple of variables ie: connecting)
  4. Tools: SEMrush, Sheet, FB Ads, Quora Ads, CRM, WordPress, Elementor
  5. Deliverables: Clear understanding to make decisions
  1. RankA simple reason for that is, that video is hard and text blog has become easy.  that will be important to show authority

Topics: WordPress and Website in General


Course 3: Sales for Business

Goal: making the audience understand the actions to perform when they get a lead

Audience: Someone who has the ability to generate a lead and failing at converting them

them under

Audience: People who have completed “Start your business”, and “Marketing for Business” and can have leads in the business.

Course 4: Expanding your business


Scaling your business leads

Goal: making the audience






Right Expectation: Productivity Decrease, Stable System, Focus on Process, People Leave

Course 5: AI in Business

AI is everwhere after chatGPT. The good thing is it’s not cheap.

AI in B2B

AI in B2C



  1. AI in Front
  2. AI in Back of Business



Course 6:

  1. Topic 1b: eCommerce (Online Store, Organic Marketing, Paid Marketing)

Business Tools: Business Owners

  1. Social Media Management
  2. Lead Generation
  3. SEO Tools
  4. Content Tools
  5. CRM for Small Business
  6. Lead Generation technique,
  7. Audience: Business Owners: Core WordPress-Related Content, , Content,


  1. Audience: No Code Business Builder: HiCoder, WP by HiCoder, WP by TDH, SEO for Business)


Making content around CRM Implementation, Blog Management, LMS, Social Media Management,

2. Planning, Building, Managing Products of MixCommerce