2023 Market predictions for next 10 years

  1. A loyalty management system, to retain customers’ usage will increase
    Business: A CRM with loyalty management and customer engagement planning will have value.
  2. The brand would like to reduce the CAC and retain an old customer
  3. Brands will increase efforts in customer satisfaction
  4. Fewer clicks, Emoji-based surveys in messaging apps will likely be the next innovation after the current form-based survey.
  5. Emojis everywhere might be in the run. On the website, after the demo video ends on the landing page, on the service page after form submission and etc.
    Business: Emoji Anywhere [Image, Checklist, Document, PDF and etc]
  6. The subscription software market will increase (eCommerce, Service) (buy soap for 12 months, food for 1 month)
  7. Customer onboarding will reduce as customers will likely start to retain specific brands
  8. Google Search will be down (because of customers would like to be happy)
  9. Google will increase “search widget recommendation” to increase search volume for specific keywords which will be low intention traffic and will increase customer
  10. CAC and increase clicks. Not a bad idea but this will result in pushing search more and more.
  11. Sites will get less organic traffic because Google and every search engine will be showing AI-generated content on top
  12. social tamasha (cringe and flashy content) will also go down
    people will be fed up with all different types of content, they would like their minds to be silent and the bull shit filter will improve
  13. New Audience tapping will be harder
  14. Digital Meditation/Remote meditation/Digital fever will increase, therefore the meditation apps will be in demand
    Business: Release free version of meditation and meditation sound apps without ads
  15. Own your customer platform will
  16. Own your data, affordable platforms will have a decent and growing market
    Business: SaaS Opportunity


Weak Predictions: 

  1. India and Europe will likely have its own search and govt will be pushing to have it
  1. (Tiktok targets millennials, shacharit targets auto walla, uncle, and aunty but doing what they believe in which is a quite big audience in India) The company is losing money and I am not sure if they will become profitable due to low customer purchase power in India but the app is definitely used, and will be used.