2 things that helped me accelerate my growth

1. Community

The community has played an important part in the acceleration of my growth in terms of my career. Starting my first blog, being in an agency, and getting 3 promotions in 8 months, have accelerated the way I grow.

On the other side, education and engineering college was like a platform that created a base that gave me time to do all these things.

2. Action

Wen, I felt that there was something that I can do and improve myself, I did and the result can be seen. 40M+ traffic, many IITians willing to become my friend, and much more.

I value the skills, Community, before Education or an IIT.

Elon musk did the same thing

  1. He was born in South Africa
  2. His family was traumatic although they has wealth and resources
  3. Elon being odd, read a lot of books and knew what he wants and what cannot get in Africa
  4. He moved to Canada
  5. Then the USA
  6. Contributed to “The MARS Community”
  7. Collaborated and built spacex


Know the system


Here are the things in detail that you get out of a community

1. Knowledge

2. Skills

  1. Design
  2. Engineering
  3. Marketing
  4. Sales
  5. Management

3. Hiring

4. Execution

5. Marketing

As an entrepreneur, you don’t have to sit and do everything but understand everything, prove the MVP, Prove the use case and then build.

To accelerate the process, one should talk to a lot of people and most importantly do observation.