5 things proves you are just an Employee

5 things proves you are just a typical employee

There is a huge difference between an employee who works for more and in an employee who works to learn and innovate. Employee work for money Everyone needs money, but do you need money because you are completing the job you have been given. Innovators and changes do not work for money, instead, they work because they love innovating things, they […]

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Congratulations, You are hired.

congratulations you are hired

Congratulations, you are hired! The interviewer said offering a hand shake. Me giving a tight proper handshake: Right Now! The interviewer was surprised and I was surprised by myself. Me asking myself: Really Me Replying Myself: Yeeess, I want to get started. But the conclusion was, The interviewer didn’t allow me to get started from the same day instead he […]

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5 things proves you have an Entrepreneur mindset


Do entrepreneurs have a diffrent brain or they got brain++ to solve the problem and make a business out of it? No way, they do not have a different brain and they got the same brand as you got. No way, they aren’t iPhone 7 which comes with preloaded amazing features which become best in every new release. Entrepreneurs are human […]

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