How to tell Google to show your website in SERP?

how to verify your website to google webmaster

Congratulation, Now you have a website! But, It seems you are wondering why your website is not visible when you are searching on Google.

In fact, It’s not appearing even when you are searching your website by putting the domain name in double quote:  “”

Well, That’s not a big problem, I understand your concern and importance of your website on Google.

Let me put in like this!

Google Website visibility test

Is your website not visible at all when you are searching on google? Check Now

If your website is already visible when you are searching for domain name then you should start doing SEO to rank your website higher for the business keywords.

How to verify your website to Google using google webmaster and index the pages faster than earlier?

Let’s get started, I will consider you are already on WordPress and you have access to admin panel.

  1. Login To the Backend of your website
  2. Go to plugins
  3. Click Add New

The very first thing is to log in to your backend of your website go to plugins section.

Go to plugins and click add plugin

Click Add New

click add new

Search for “Yoast SEO”

installation of yoast plugin to index site on google

Once the installation is done, activate the plugin.

Once the plugin is activated, you will see a new option name “SEO” below settings.

Click on SEO, it will take you to the Yoast SEO dashboard. Now go the tab named”Webmaster Tools“.


Now you will see many textboxes asking for some kind of verification/authorization Key.


Now click on Google Webmaster, It will take you to the Google webmaster panel of Google.


Go to Alternative Method and select “HTML tag”.


You will see the authorization code,

Configuration of yoast seo plugin | How to make my website visible on google |

and then paste it into the Google Webmaster TextBox and click on save changes.

Now, Go back to Webmaster tag and click Verify. You will get a confirmation message.


Congratulations, your site has been verified by Google.

Now you have to tell Google what kind of pages should be indexed first. To do this you have to create a sitemap which is an easy task and can be done in few steps.


Steps to Generate sitemap in Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.

Go to SEO Dashboard

click on features

Enable “Advance Setting pages”, By default it is disabled. Sitemap page is not visible in SEO, How to see the site map page in yoast seo, How to make my website visible on Google


Now you will be able to see many options below SEO.

Yoast seo advanced options | How to make your website visible in Google

Now go to XML Site Map page and click on generate sitemap

configuring yoast seo to get sutemap


Now you will be redirected to a new page which will look similar to this.

copy the URL slug of xmx in yoast seo

Copy post and page URL slugs and submit them one by one to sitemap section of Google search console(Google Webmaster).

Congratulations you have verified your website to google and submitted all the important pages to be crawled.


  • Hey, Rana, i manage a website from last six months and i don’t know how to verify my site to google webmaster but now i able to verify my site because of you.Thanks for sharing your great knowledge with us.Keep it up bro.

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