Branded and Unbranded. Differences Which Produces Great Result

branded vs unbranded

The very first thing I care when I go to the supermarket to buy a product I see the packing. Because that is what visible from the outside of the product.

When the packing looks cool(good) then I take the product and find other details about the product. Until this point of time, I haven’t used the product buy I have considered it to buy because the packing was good.

But yes, I must have to buy the product if I really need it and there is no alternative version of the product available in the market.

That also means that even the product which I want to offers to people whose cover, the structure, alignment of text, images and other elements on the page is not good will not perform great except people don’t have any alternative.

But, Does this happen is real life?

No, It doesn’t happen in real life. Because most of the time the business ideas comes in mind because of other business which is already successful and doing good in the market and making a good profit out of it.

But that is not the way a really great business will take place,

How to make unbranded things branded?


To understand this you should know that why a branded product is good and why people prefer to buy them.



The packing doesn’t look good It looks Branded by it’s look
Packing is finished accurately Packing is not finished
The product looks shiny and doesn’t have any cool color. The product has a cool color which looks decent and plays a unique role to create a good mindset in the customer’s mind.
This just looks like any other product available in general store. It looks premium and special among all the products available among other products.
People are not happy to buy the prodcuct at a high price. People go with premium because it fulfills their need.
People are sold best only if there is no alternative in the market. The best branded product is sold more compared to product sold by low branded and local products if affordable.
People feel normal when they purchase the product just like any other product. People feel happy because they get satisfied with the service they offer.
 Customer abuses if the product doesn’t fulfill their requirements because there was a flaw in it. People never feel bad because the product was made giving priority to solving the problem than making a huge profit.
It doesn’t help any other product or service to grow, if referred it gets similar or less value most of the time. People do not take it seriously because of it’s earlier value in the market. It helps upcoming product or service to refer it as a good product existing customers tend to but it because of it’s experience and respect towards the brand.


Branding or giving value to your customer is a very important part of any great brands in the world.

Eg: Apple Vs Windows

You must have seen people taking Apple iPhones and Macbooks taking seriously than any Windows laptops including Dell and HP.


Why, Why do people give more value to Apple products and less to any other similar brand in the market?


At the end of the day they all make a similar product like smartphone, desktops, and laptops right, but why does this happen.

This question is so interesting, and you should understand, learn and implement good things from leaders who did it amazingly and make an impact in the whole industry.

iPhone wasn’t the first phone or something very original idea to make a phone or a smartphone.

If you know the history of Apple iPhone, first this device was a music player with some amazing features like touch, swipe, and scroll(These features were great at 20 years ago).

The reason Apple became popular is not they had an iPhone. Because they made what was really useful, what people really need and amazingly simple. That anyone can use it without having technical knowledge. Android has taken this inspiration to make it simple that can be used by anyone who doesn’t know technical stuff.

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Why a product should be first useful then branded?

Making a Product by keeping a mindset will generate a lot of money, without solving a real problem, the help of good logo, a good website or  an app and a great marketing will not work for long until you make your product damn useful, until the customers who but them for the first time ask for the 2nd time without spending a lot of money on marketing.

No one loves to purchase a product which doesn’t solve their problem, isn’t reliable and sucks when they need it.

If your product is solving a problem (which a real variable problem, not a constructive problem) you should not stop yourself to do proper marketing because there are 99% chances your product will become a business and 1% chance then it may become a failure.

Now it’s your choice How you solve a problem, how you create your branding and how you convey your product into a profitable business.

If you are a someone who calls yourself branded but have features of unbranded products then this is the time to take right action and make your product into a business.



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