5 things proves you are just an Employee

5 things proves you are just an employee

There is a huge difference between an employee who works for more and in an employee who works to learn and innovate.

Employee work for money

Everyone needs money, but do you need money because you are completing the job you have been given. Innovators and changes do not work for money, instead, they work because they love innovating things, they love making things better which are already existing.

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You hate Mondays

You hate Mondays because you have to go office. This only happens when you hate your work. When you do the things you don’t like. The research says Heart attack is more common on Mondays! This happens only with the people who hate what they do.

You don’t learn new thing

The technology is changing every hour, and if you are not ready to explore then with your curious attitude, you may get leaned.

Exploring new things keeps you ahead of everyone who doesn’t and gives you bigger opportunity to connect things.

Remember, The quote by  

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You are not workholic

You don’t like handling a lot of work. You should be enough to handle silly to superior amount of work.

you are okay with repeatative job

You might have joined a company where everything might be stable, where you have been given a desk with a set of work. You do those things as per instructions and that’s all.

You like stability

Stability mindset kills innovation When you aren’t ready to explore more how you are going to be in the top of the leader. Being stable is not a bad

Being stable is not a bad thing, but thinking you will become rich, famous and popular because of being stable then you are wrong track.

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You agree with everything you boss says

It requires saying no to represent a better solution. If your organization does not approach this kind of culture then you need to change it.

Now you have to decide,  you want to be a leader, by adopting things, doing new things, being unstable or being stable, getting the same salary, doing the same job being a follower.