5 things proves you have an Entrepreneur mindset


Do entrepreneurs have a diffrent brain or they got brain++ to solve the problem and make a business out of it?

No way, they do not have a different brain and they got the same brand as you got.

No way, they aren’t iPhone 7 which comes with preloaded amazing features which become best in every new release.

Entrepreneurs are human beings who learn from mistakes which is also called experience from an entrepreneurs perspective.

What does it take to think like entrepreneurs? Which course does it requires to become an entrepreneur?

No, it doesn’t require any certification or any kind of course, as I mentioned earlier, it requires nothing but your small action which will make you experienced and do things correctly.

Hello, everyone, My name is Rana Jayant and in this article, I will be sharing you 5 important points which will prove if you have an entrepreneur gene in you.

Let’s start with first one.

You take things differently

If Your perspective is different from others. But How do I know if my perspective from others? It’s simple,

Suppose you are eating an ice cream and saw why the ice cream does not have a dustbin where people can dispose the covers.

People throw the litter on roads which makes the road and you think it can be a business to supply the dustbin to all the ice cream sellers in the city then congratulation you have an entrepreneurial gene in you.

You take problem as an opportunity

You might be traveling on a public bus and you didn;t get a seat. Instead of feeling bad if you take this as an opportunity and finding the possible solution for it then you have the gene of an entrepreneur in you.

You get a lot of ideas

Getting an idea to solve a specific problem is a great thing entrepreneurs have.

Ideas are not limited to specific to brands but anyone can get an idea and he can execute. If you get a lot of problem-solving ideas then congratulation you have an entrepreneur mindset.

You see business everywhere

You see business everywhere. Suppose you are eating chat(snacks) near the popular public place and you finished up the seller asked you to pay only Rs 15, Which is quite less for a popular city like Hyderabad. In fact, he gave you tissue too to wipe your hand.

You got a business idea to change the look and feel of the shop and increase the price by Rs 40. Congratulation for your mindful business idea, you just made a good amount of profit in your mind.

You see money is flowing

This may sound a little crazy but Being a problem solver is not enough, there is a small but an impactful difference between the people who solve the problem and the people who solve for millions. When a problem is solved for million, the moneu flow starts slowly and it becomes a business.

This is one of the reasons why Google Targets to solve bigger problems than focusing than smaller problems. It is also one of the reasons google is taking on almost every technology in its problem-solving mechanism by connecting Google Chrome on Computer, Android on smartphone Google Drive for storage and Google Docs for document editing and storage.

What a person needs to sell something more than the personal data. and there is nothing wrong with it. At the end google gets a lot of personal data which can access indirectly to monetize the people.