5 Things to do when your first impression wasn’t good.

things to do when your first impression wasn't good

No matter what the peace of Smart you might be, not every time you can represent your best.

Completely Forget what happened in the past

Forgetting past will help you to focus better and work with mindfulness.

Be office on time

This is a very important factor to get your impression back. Being office on time shows your . puctuality and make things better.

Attend the meeting with focus

Don’t be sleepy of hazy if you have a meeting, Go washroom before you attend any meeting. Try to be focused and attentive. Complete your question, Don’t allow colleagues to pull you don’t when you speak, Be confident and answer the questions.

Understand your responsibilities

If you are an employee, the Your very first priority should be to understand your responsibility. To get the things done which is given to you.

Helping others with their project is definitely good but it can be worst if you haven’t finished yours.

Take action, Don’t be lazy

In most of the cases the work given by the company can be completely out of your knowledge but, think you can do it and start right there.

You are living in 20th century, where everyone has a huge amount of resources to do anything. Still confused, I am talking about Google.


Submit the project before time

If you are focusing on above points, the work will definitely complete on time and you will be able to submit your project on time.


Speak with confidence

Speaking with confidence shows you personality. There are people who has great ideas to change the world. But many of them get failed to represent their idea and you are not one among them.

Pretend everything was cool

No one has succeeded becoming someone else, you have to support your thoughts and mind. You have to believe what you are telling is correct.

Do not pretend to be someone else to prove yourself which you are not. Be what you are and keep improving yourself better. It’s not an immediate solution but surprisingly it works.

Things Not DO When your first impression wasn’t good.


The moment of not representing my best has happened with me too and here are the things which helped me and helping me to take on it.

I love freedom and I don’t like someone who is immature in knowledge should come and say anything to me without knowing the complete system.

Don’t be a follower

Many times when you find people who can perform better than you, you become a fan and keep disturbing for everything than using our brain which is not good.

It gives negative impression representing your lame question which you never asked to anyone but you are asking because XYZ is better than you.

Don’t be a follower Be a leader of your own ship


Prove it with your confidence

You might be working with a group of people who are just working to finish his job. Your colleagues might not be quite interested in doing some innovation, But you are not like them.

You like developing things, you like making things better, and you like innovation to save resources and optimize the work then you have to be F confident enough to represent your idea and give 100% support to implement it.

Negative Thoughts

Things get worst when you pretend yourself bad. The moment you forget the negative past, your thoughts will change and you will be what you were.

The moment you take out the negative things, people will connect with you. No one likes hearing negative things all the time.

The Strongest Power

Ever imagined, What is the strongest power which can blow every negative thing happened in your life?

The moment you see your achievement which you achieved by taking action apart from doing job, This changes the way you think.

You will get the feeling, everything happened to you in the past had a meaning.

This is the secret of everything

The strongest power which ever existed is the power of Taking Action.

You may buy a course of rupees 1000$ but you will not learn anything if you are not implementing it. To get F Mercedes,  Which you say while going to the office, you have to work smarter not just harder.